Coffee Spice Exfoliating HP Soap

Here is another soap that came out decent for this newbie. It is Coffee Spice and really is a great wake up exfoliating soap!

For this recipe I used,

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Lye, Double Brewed Coffee, Coffee grounds, Cinnamon and Ginger

The end result is an invigorating bar of soap! The only thing I did not like about this batch I made was I thought the cinnamon scent was going to pull through but it did not. I am not sure if it is because I did not add enough but there is always a next time!

Tip for this soap, do not add too much of the coffee grounds or you will have some very harsh and scratchy soap!

The color of this soap is purely from the coffee that gives it the rich brown color which I love. It looks very rustic and natural and almost edible! I did enjoy this recipe and will be making it again hopefully with more of a Spiced scent!

Until next time Be Blessed! ❤


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Honey Oatmeal HP Soap

Hi everyone! As promised I am posting up a couple of my first soaps I have successfully made and am willing to show you. The very very first ones I actually just melted down and rebatched them to make a new creation of something hopefully better than they first were. That post will be coming up in the future 🙂

This post will be my first attempt at Honey Oatmeal soap. It is all Olive oil for my oils and I added 6 tbsp of pure raw honey and 6 tbsp of finely ground up oatmeal. Just a tip for others who are new to HP soap and honey, the more honey you add the darker the color of the soap will be if you add the honey before the soap is fully cooked. I added the honey before the soap was cooked and therefore it turned my bars a dark color. This is okay, I still think it looks nice. I added the oats in at the end and used a heart shape mold and they made 5oz bars of soap.

I have been using it in the bath and it feels so good!! It is super moisturizing and the oats give a gentle exfoliation! I gave one to my sister in law for her dry skin and she says she loves her soap so much and she feels much better! I will definitely be making this soap again in the future!! I apologize, I don’t have the exact measurements for the recipe but the only ingredients I used were Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Honey and ground Oatmeal. If you go to there is a lye calculator that will tell you how much lye, water and oil to use for whatever size batch you want to make and I just estimated for the honey and oatmeal and added 6tbsp of each. Until next time, Be Blessed!! ❤


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Hi everyone! Being that this is my first post on this blog I would like to take some time to introduce myself and give you an idea of what this blog will be all about!

My name is Brittany and I am 24 years old, currently pregnant and going to soon be delivering mine and my husbands first son Titus David! We love life and are very down to earth people who love everyone and love to be servants to all who need us.

I wanted to start this blog to show the journey of my soap making endeavor. I recently picked up an interest in starting to make my own DIY home products, things like cleaning supplies and beauty products that are natural, healthy, chemical free and a lot more cost effective! I came across making my very own soap and so I tried it out and came to LOVE it! I love it so much that I want to make more and more of it and share my progress with all you lovely people and hopefully you enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy making the soap!

My first try I started with the cold process method and it was pretty much a fail. I am not entirely sure what went wrong or if I was just too impatient but the soap did not harden up the first time all the way. So I remelted it and gave it another try. Second try for cold process was much better and it did harden but I found out you have to let it cure for up to 6 weeks before using it! Also it being a fully olive oil soap it would take even longer to become a harder bar of soap! I was not very happy when I learned that for cold process you have to let it sit and cure for so long before using it! I am working on my patience 😉 So I continued on with my research of soap making and I came across hot process soap. The method is almost exactly the same but takes a bit more time because instead of just pouring and letting the soap harden and go through the soaponification process on it’s own, you actually cook it to force the soaponification process to speed up making it so that your soap is usable right after it comes out of the mold!! Here is what I was looking for! Although your soap will benefit from curing for some time still, you are able to use it right away, curing it will make for a harder bar of soap but honestly, so far my hot process soap has been hard enough to use right after unmolding pretty much and it doesn’t just melt away in the shower or bath, it is lasting me. 🙂

So I have decided that hot process is my preferred way to go for making soaps. You can make all sorts of cool swirls and designs with cold process because the batter stays fluid and the hot process makes the batter much thicker making it much more difficult to try all those cool designs but I actually like the more rugged rustic look of the hot process soap, there is something old fashioned and simple about it and I think it gives a nice homey touch, which is much more my taste.

As I go on to make more and more soap I hope to perfect my soap making skills and start to sell my little homemade luxuries for an affordable price to those who are looking for an all natural alternative to those store bought soaps with chemicals and synthetic fragrances of all sorts in them. My goal is to make soap that is all natural with ingredients that are safe and good for the body inside and out!

I had made a couple batches so far and I will be posting them up soon so you can see the progress I am making and you can come along on this journey of my new found love of soap making with me!! I am super excited to share with you guys what I learn and all the batches I make of my soaps. Stay tuned to see my beginning batches!

God bless you all richly!

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